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Children of the Corn

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When corn is at its peak, its earthy sweetness lends itself to a variety of preparations. If you’re going to be using cut corn kernels instead of corn on-the-cob, use the following technique to get maximum yield. Cut the cob in half, then with a paring knife, cut one row of corn kernels free, then simply run your paring knife down the half-cob while turning to release the kernels. Once you have cleaned the cob, you can “milk” it to …

What to do with Radishes?

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Radishes are a constant temptation at the Market, and for good reason…just look at them. Though usually relegated to being sliced and tossed raw in salads, radishes shine in myriad preparations. The traditional French snack of sliced radishes with good butter and a sprinkling of salt on toasted baguette is definitely one of the quickest and most satisfying ways to eat the little globes. They also make great pickles. Slice a bunch or two in half and pour over them …

Recipe: Caldo Verde (Portuguese Kale Soup)

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Next time you’ve got a bunch of kale sitting around and you want to try something different, give this recipe a shot. It’s easy, delicious, and inexpensive. It’s our version of the traditional Portuguese soup with a couple of twists that make it extra yummy. You might want to make extra, as this soup is always better the day after you make it 8 oz Spanish Chorizo, diced (or chouriço, or linguiça, or bacon or guanciale from Hapa Ramen) 2 …

How to pick melons

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Here are some tips to take with you next time you’re looking for melons… Watermelon – Watermelon actually continues to ripen after it’s been picked, and as watermelon sits, it develops a flat spot that is usually yellow in color. Look for watermelons with a large yellow spot which indicates it has spent some time ripening. You could also place one of your hands on one side of the melon and try palm-slapping with the other. If you feel it …

Impress with Breakfast! Sourdough French Toast with Summer Berry Compote

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Photo Courtesy of Matthew S. Cain Try out this sweet summer recipe next time you’re looking to impress with breakfast! Start by slicing a loaf of sourdough from Arizmendi Bakery into 1″ to 1.5″ slices and placing them either on a sheet tray or a baking dish (something with sides). Next, beat together 3 eggs, about a 1/2 cup milk, a tablespoon or two of sugar (depending on how sweet you like your toast), a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a …