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Congratulations Arizmendi and La Cocina!

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Congratulations to Arizmendi Bakery and to La Cocina on their small business awards from the SF Bay Guardian. Come get Arizmendi yummies and Chaac Moolin the La Cocina cart every Thursday at MCM!

Cinco de Mayo a la Mission Community Market

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Cinco de Mayo a la Mission Community Market, a set on Flickr. Thanks for a great Cinco de Mayo Mission Community!

Cut your own! Papel Picado on Cinco de Mayo

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Thanks Nancy for doing papel picado at MCM today! This day just doesn’t stop rockin! Piqued? Well come with kids and cut your own Papel Picado with world famous Nancy Charraga of Casa Bonampak just around the block! Nancy is one of many thriving women entrepreneurs in the Mission. Casa Bonampak is a Latin Boutique dedicated to preserving Mexican Traditions. They specialize in FAIR TRADE Mexican Wedding & Special Event Decorations. Check them out at or just walk to …

Cinco de Mayo, con Mixtiso y Paiz

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Vanessa Mosqueda of Mixtiso Latin Hip HopMixtiso Latin Hip Hop DanceRing in Cinco de Mayo with a little Mixtiso! The talented young dancers of the Mission’s Mixtiso Latin Hip Hop and Vanessa Mosqueda join us for a knock out performance, this week. Don’t be late! 6:00pm. The Worldly Paiz at MCMWe are lucky enough to have Danilo Paiz of Orquesta Universal join us! Danilo plays virtually everything under the salsa, rumba and latin jazz with amazing international talent like Ray …

Chaac it Up on Sweet, Sweet Cinco de Mayo!

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In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Sweet Constructions is offering a new ice cream sandwich made with their award-winning brownie cookie and Mitchell’s Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream! Also this week: Snickerdoodle Swirl with Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, Vegan (and Flourless) Almond Cookie with Chocolate Coconut Bliss. Oh my yum! Sweet Constructions bakes the kinds of sweets that we like to eat: small, rich, old time favorites with natural ingredients and an elegant twist – ice cream sandwiches, mini cupcakes, …