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MCM is Back!!

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The 2011 grand opening of the Mission Community Market – a weekly, outdoor market that celebrates the Mission District with fresh foods, local businesses and a “play street.” Every Thursday for the rest of 2011!! 4-8PM   Bartlett Street and 22nd     ————————–– APRIL 14TH – OPENING DAY ACTIVITIES * Show your love for San Francisco’s first mural! Hidden for over 200-years in Mission Dolores, it has been reproduced and painted at the site of the Mission Community Market. …

Help Bring San Francisco’s First Mural to Light

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Support the kickstarter fundraising campaign to re-create San Francisco’s First Mural on Bartlett Street! Mission San Francisco de Asis is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco. Hidden inside it is a mural painted by Ohlone artists in 1791 under the supervision of Spanish Missionaries. This mural has not been in public view for over 200 years. It is San Francisco’s Oldest Mural, yet little is known about it. Ben Wood and Eric Blind rediscovered the mural in 2004 and …

Thank you for Bartlett Street Visioning

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Thanks to your comments, MCM has put a lot of the neighborhood’s wishes for Bartlett Street into one place. Over three weeks in December 2010, we asked you to complete this sentence, “My vision for Bartlett Street is…” Here are photos from those three weeks and your responses, in no particular order. We will take your input and use it to build a community process that can help transform this street into a celebrated public space for the neighborhood. Thanks …

Donate Today. Improve Tomorrow

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Support the MCM with a tax-deductible donation. photos by David Gartner, Thank you for supporting the first season of the Mission Community Market! This first year was full of youth programs, community events, murals and delicious foods on Bartlett Street all because of your support for this upstart, non-profit marketplace. Only with your tax-deductible donation can we bring the same and more next year! Donate now to bring murals, youth, and health programs onto Bartlett in 2011. See more.

Gift ON! At 2010’s Last MCM

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Ever wanted to get your groceries and knock off your gift lists all in one fell swoop? Now’s your chance! Designer tea towels, soaps, sensual bath salts, aromatherapy and cremes, t-shirts, mexican folk art, jewelry – all and more available at the MCM. NEW designers and artists joining us tomorrow! Support local biz and the MCM! Also, block prints available from the Center for the Book and rockstar artist Rigel Stuhmiller. Proceeds benefit the MCM.