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Lend me your Ear: Corn is Here!

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You know how every time you see “Mission Mercado” you see a stylish block print of corn / maize, the 10,000-year-old staple of the Americas? Well now you can taste a fresh bit of ancient history every Thursday! Welcome Brentwood’s own G&S Farms to MCM! Emilio Ghiggeri planted the first sweet corn in Brentwood in the 1940s when the area was known primarily for its production of lettuce, apricots, and melons. The farm became G&S (Ghiggeri and Stonebarger) Farms in …

Music This Week: Sang Matiz!

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Beautiful music will fill the streets this week with Sang Matiz, San Francisco’s own Latin Fusion band with members hailing from …. everywhere! Try Peru, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Iran and here, to name a few. Their name is a combination of two words: Sang, meaning blood in French and Matiz, meaning “Harmonious Mixture” in Spanish. The band adopted this name because of the diverse cultural and musical backgrounds of its members. Sang Matiz uses elements of Rumba Flamenca, Cumbia, R&B;, …

Local Biz Spotlight: the Heated

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The Heated’s Cristina is a local artist, designer, musician and all-around awesomist. Check out her designs and locally-printed tea towels, aprons and totes. Welcome back Cristina!

Hale Apples: Keep the Doctor Away

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Dave hails from Sebastopol and will teach you everything you need to know about apples before you can say “gravenstein!” This week Gravenstein and Pink Pearls! Welcome back Dave!

Local Biz: Happy Anniversary to En Vie Naturals!

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Happy Anniversary to Kim Leonard and En Vie Naturals! Kim created En Vie Naturals as an inspired skincare line for multi-ethnic skintypes on year ago. Her first sale was at the Mission Community Market! From bath salts to facial scrubs, and massage oils to make-up removers, En Vie Naturals provides the essential ingredients that promote healthy skin. The En Vie line targets skin impurities, promotes skin repair, creates a radiant and smooth skin texture without using animal products, animal testing, …