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MCM Preserves Tradition (part 1) – Emmy’s Pickles and Jams

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The Mission Community Market grew this season in an ancient culinary art: preserving food through pickling, brining, curing, and smoking. MCM is proud to offer Emmy’s Pickles and Jams, the Zografos’ Olive Healthy, Richie Nakano’s Hapa Ramen, and Charlie’s Coastside Farm’s Salmon and Lox! Picklers and curers have traditionally helped humankind through the cold, with fruit, vegetable and meat preserves –often improved in vitamin B by the preservation process. And, while we may associate food preservation with the Winter months, …

MissionCommunityMarket’s photostream

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MissionCommunityMarket’s photostream on Flickr. Mission Community Market is back this week with new vendors like Organic Keiki and Aurelia Styles! Hope you got to ‘swing’ by for a free dance lesson provided by Cat’s Corner and pick up some good BBQ from Good Foods Catering!

Aloha from MCM: Organic Keiki

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And a warm welcome to Organic Keiki, a local business with organic baby clothing and organic products run by Hawaiian MCM lover Regan Ranoa. Come check out Organic Keiki gear and take their survey for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. O.K. is full of natural, organic baby clothes, eco friendly baby toys, organic bedding & accessories, and natural clothing for mamas too. Organic Keiki blends healthy, family living with the spirit of Aloha.

Local Biz Spotlight: Aurelia Style

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Aurelia Style flowers are handcrafted from unique, recycled, new, and found materials, vintage jewelry, pieces of nature, and trinkets from Aurelia’s collection. Each flower is completely one of a kind and made locally. From Aurelia: I started making flowers to doll up my look for parties and festivals and to outwardly express aspects of my internal nature. Colorful, feminine, resourceful – also to make use of all the random items and fabric that I accumulate and collect. Soon after wearing …

Local Biz Spotlight: Hapa Menu

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This week Hapa Ramen‘s featuring 3 different pates made from organic Riverdog hogs: Cocoa Nib, Fennel Seed, and Chile Studded Pate Mostly Liver Pate A Spiced Pork and Liver Pate And to accompany those try their Almanac Beer Mustard, Stonefruit Chutneys, and Brassica Kimchi Relish. Don’t miss Hapa’s famous Moroccan-style Preserved Meyer Lemons! Only a few left!! Same with Kombu Tsukudani. Don’t forget their local, house-cured Pancetta, Lardo, and Guanciale!