Mercado Plaza

San Francisco Public Spaces have come to life with the surge of street food, open-air markets, and community events. The Mission District does not have a central plaza to support these activities. We believe it should.


Mission Community Market is now part of a partnership with the City of San Francisco and the Rebar Design Group to create  a new public space on Bartlett Street, between 21st and 22nd, in the heart of the San Francisco Mission District.

In 2014, Mission District youth completed the “Mission Community Assessment & Youth Engagement Project,” thanks to the generous support of the San Francisco Foundation and Clif Bar Foundation. Youth surveyed over 200 Mission residents, over half Spanish-speaking households Their final report assessed the activities and designs Mission residents needed the most to connect with their community. The Mercado Plaza public space will seek to fulfill these needs with community festivals, live music, games and events for non-profits throughout the Mission.

See assessment final report here.


Building on the ideas of the Mission Streetscape Plan, a 2-year community-based effort led by the San Francisco Planning Department (2008-2010) and our ongoing placemaking efforts on Bartlett, the new Mercado Plaza will provide a beautiful, safe and much needed public space in the heart of the Mission for a wide variety of community programs that support family health, promote small businesses, create new local art and bring diverse communities together.

The goal for the plaza is to create a flexible urban space that can provide opportunities for gathering, meeting neighbors, and enjoying the vibrant life of the Mission District.

The new space will also offer opportunities for community gatherings like the Mission Community Market, as well as smaller neighborhood activities, health fairs, fundraisers, and play activities. The new Mercado Plaza would add permanent infrastructure to current market activities, while nurturing the incubation of small businesses and vendors, holding cultural performances, and planning community events while still maintaining traffic access to this block of Bartlett Street.

The proposed design dramatically improves public safety through the addition of new street lights, a narrower road and traffic calming elements that also add greening and areas for street furniture. Highlights of the design are: wider sidewalks, new trees, and stormwater management gardens, unique paving, movable seating, and opportunities for local art.

This is our chance to make Bartlett Street a public space that serves the community.

Below are some images of how streets and public space can improve a neighborhood and what designs we could use to improve this block of Bartlett Street. These images were taken from a community presentation in May 2013 where neighbors and community members gathered to give input about the proposed designs for the project. If you have feedback on this proposal, tell us what improvements you want to see. 

Look at the most recent Mercado Plaza proposal or view it below: