Music from Citizen’s Jazz & Jascha

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This week we’re excited to welcome two brand new acts to MCM!

At 4:00, Citizen’s Jazz will treat us to some lively jazz tunes. Citizen’s Jazz is a collective of some of the most talented and passionate jazz musicians in the Bay Area. Led by bassist Caroline Chung (pictured), the concept was devised from and inspired by the creativity of the many wonderful musicians she has met and played with. Each combo brings in a different flavor to the collective while maintaining the integrity of be bop, swing & blues from the good ol’ days!

At 6:30, Jascha (ya-sha) will wow us with a set of Brazilian pop songs. Jascha is a songwriter and science journalist in San Francisco. His debut album A Cure for Sleep was praised for being a collection of “deceptively simple, deeply weird pop songs” that earned comparisons to Sufjan Stevens and Leonard Cohen. Jascha’s second album, The Future Limited, was released in March 2012. One of his music videos went viral after appearing on The Atlantic and Boing Boing.

We are excited to welcome both Citizen’s Jazz and Jascha to MCM this week. All the fun starts this Thursday at 4:00 pm!