Apply to Be a Vendor

The Mission Community Market encourages and prioritizes independent, micro-enterprise businesses to sell at the market. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis taking into account the existing vendor balance. MCM offers basic technical assistance with permits and coordination with the City of San Francisco.

Vendors should have:

  • General liability insurance (can be obtained through Farmer’s Market Insure Now)
  • Use of a licensed commercial kitchen to prep and pre-cook any food to be sold at the market
  • Ability to apply for and pay permit fees (approximately $332 annually for packaged goods such as jam, approximately $250 quarterly for hot foods and food portioned on-site), or a permitted food truck or cart
  • Ability to pay for a fire permit if cooking to be done on-site (approximately $330-430 annually)
  • Designers and artisans should have a seller’s permit from the state board of equalization and a city business registration (for more information on artisan requirements, contact us).

Weekly vendor stall prices

  • Farmer and food vendors – 10×10 ft spaces are $50, double stalls cost $90
  • Designers and artisans – 10×10 ft spaces are $40
  • Non-profit community-based organizations – 10×10 ft spaces are $25 (with verification of non-profit status)
  • For-profit organizations and businesses that align with MCM’s mission may host tables at the market as a part of a sponsorship package.

Vendors are responsible for

  • Tables, chairs, tent(s), and one 15-lb weight for each tent leg
  • Bilingual (english/spanish) signage
  • Appropriate permits and insurance (see above)