Peter’s Kettle Corn

Photo courtesy of David Gartner

Location: Alameda, CA

The founders of Peter’s Kettle Corn, John and Peter Ngu, have always had a weakness for sweet eats. During their teen years, they were frequent visitors of local farmers markets, street fairs and carnivals. Like most teenagers, they often found themselves in line at the tasty dessert stands. The experience of watching how kettle corn was made left a lasting impression in their minds. In 2007, their childhood memories inspired them to open their own kettle corn establishment and turn a dream into a reality. Based out of Alameda California, Peter’s Kettle Corn is a local, family owned business that uses all natural ingredients to deliver what many say is the “Best Kettle Corn!”

Peter’s Kettle Corn offers original kettle corn, with a perfect blend of saltiness and sweetness. They also produce a uniquely delicious Horchata-flavored kettle corn, influenced by the Mexican Horchata beverage. Horchata is made from a combination of rice, almonds, and a hint of cinnamon–this style of kettle corn captures and blends these flavors beautifully!


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“What’s That?!”: Peter’s Kettle Corn

Last week at the first MCM of 2013, I heard lots of chatter about Peter’s Kettle Corn. Market goers find their kettle corn snack to be an essential part of the market experience, so here’s a little more kettle corn (history) for your enjoyment! The history of kettle corn, as it turns out, is a series of folklore stories, so I will share with you my favorite (with a few embellishments).