Terra Savia

Terra Savia

Location: Hopland, CA


Terra Sávia was founded in 1998. Their first olive trees were imported from Tenuta di San Donato in Calenzano, a small village Northwest of Florence, and the first olive harvest was in 2004.

Today Terra Sávia produces artisan organic wines, honey, extra virgin olive oil, and olive oil-based products with a special commitment towards land conservation and wildlife preservation. All products are produced in small batches from their own vineyard and orchard. They grow all their own fruit and control the process from the field to the finished product. They maintain strict quality control and adhere to the highest standards of organic certification. For every acre of orchard land planted, 100 acres of open land remains protected.

The Terra Sávia site is home to over 1000 species of plants and animals otherwise endangered by development. They also cultivate bees and foster pollination. By choosing to enjoy Terra Sávi’s products, you are choosing to protect wildlife habitats, conserve heritage forests, reduce waste and carbon emissions, and support your local economy.

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