Our Newest Vendor: Shrimp & Love Ceviche

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We’re very excited to offer a new prepared food option to MCM’s patrons. Shrimp & Love Ceviche is owned and operated by siblings Orlando and Monica Trigueros. They specialize in different types of ceviche that combine all the delicious flavors of Latin American cuisine into a healthy meal. They’ve been at MCM for a couple of weeks now, offering a wide variety of ceviches that incorporate fresh vegetables, tropical fruit, and of course, fresh seafood! Orlando and Monica have developed their own special variations like Mango Ceviche, Jalapeño Ceviche, and Passion Fruit Ceviche. Each variety is made with plenty of love. Our favorite is the spicy Green Shrimp Aguachile! Their ceviches are available to sample at MCM and are sold in convenient take-home containers. Pick one up this Thursday and dinner will be a snap!