Three’s Community

Zhalisa, Jonny, and Jaylee live about 30 feet from the market, and they are neighborhood friends. Zhalisa works in marketing for a large internet search company. Jonny works at Boogaloo’s. Jaylee is a student and also works on 22nd Street. I caught these three sassy Mission dwellers on a food hunt. Before arriving at the Mission Community Market, they had stopped at the old fashioned Italian deli “Lucas” to buy ravioli. Now, they were selecting good veggies and fruit for the delectable dinner that they planned to cook and eat together. So far, they had lettuces, tomatoes, and a melon so fragrant that I could smell it from a distance. Zhalisa, Jonny and Jaylee remind me that cooking is the best instigator for conviviality. Bien hecho, amigos!

by Adriana Camarena

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