November 4th at the MCM

Can 110 million people be wrong?
Thriller at the Mission Community Market
Remember Thriller? Or, pretending like you were alive then? Either way…

5pm: Thriller by the Edison Charter Academy is back! Be on time at 5pm! Album not for sale, but maybe you’re one of the 110 million. Want your youth program to perform or participate in the market? Get in touch!

4 – 6:30pm: Catch squeeze box goddess Renee de la Prade, with “a low-slung button box and a funky fusion of old Celtic melodies, zydeco and punk rock power.” Check out her 11/11 show at the blue macaw or grab an Accordion Babes calendar while you’re at it!

6:30pm: Acoustic set with the Mission’s own Jivano’s Cutlery Service.

Sprout and Pepper
Blue House Brussels into Good Foods BBQ
Get down to the Blue House Farm booth and chow on delicious peppers and brussel sprouts – witnessed here going straight into Dontaye’s dishes at Good Foods Catering, just a few steps away at the MCM.

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