Lend me your Ear: Corn is Here!

You know how every time you see “Mission Mercado” you see a stylish block print of corn / maize, the 10,000-year-old staple of the Americas? Well now you can taste a fresh bit of ancient history every Thursday! Welcome Brentwood’s own G&S Farms to MCM!

Emilio Ghiggeri planted the first sweet corn in Brentwood in the 1940s when the area was known primarily for its production of lettuce, apricots, and melons. The farm became G&S (Ghiggeri and Stonebarger) Farms in the 1980s when Glenn Stonebarger, who is a 3rd-generation Brentwood farmer, married Emilio’s daughter, Jeannie. Today, Brentwood is famous for its sweet corn production, and in particular, a variety of called Brentwood Diamonds, which G&S Farms was the first to grow in the 1990s.

It doesn’t get much more local and delicious than this. Get an earful this Thursday with G&S Farms’ corn.

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