Love Yourself!: “Amate Mission” Mural Dedication

Jet Martinez
Artist Jet Martinez has been hard at work painting a mural that tells a uniquely Mission story. It’s called “Amate Mission,” Amate being Spanish for “Love yourself” and also a style of art thought to originate in Guerrero, Mexico. Amate is now practiced by many artisans throughout Mexico, with each artist giving it his/ her own stylistic touches. Martinez’s mural reinterprets the traditional form in a “San Francisco Mission District style.” Jet’s mural was made possible by MCM in partnership with the San Francisco Arts Commission’s StreetSmARTS program, the Mission Market and the Mexican Museum. In celebration of the mural’s completion, a dedication will be held at 5pm on August 18th, at the Mission Community Market with Jet Martinez present. Join us as we admire all of Jet’s hard work and the love, fun and color it brings to the neighborhood.

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