MCM Preserves Tradition (part 3) – Hapa Ramen

Richie Nakano founder of Hapa Ramen is best known for selling homemade ramen soup at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. But, the reason why Richie loves his new stand at the MCM is because now he can also be known for his meat curing mastery. He and his crew receive an organic-fed, sustainably-raised pig a week, and truly honor the animal by butchering the cuts themselves and using every bit to make lard; ramen (with the belly and shoulder); Pickled Pig Feet Terrine (cured in soy, sugar, star anise and white vinegar); Smoked Bacon (over hickory and almond wood); Guanchale (Italian style cured pig’s jowl – like bacon from pig’s cheek- that’s excellent for making carbonara); Sake-Cured Sausage (uncased); Paté (country style and bacon & liver); and a truly delicious Mac n’ Head Cheese (slowly-braised pig’s brains and macaroni terrine). Richie took his first cooking lessons from his grandfathers. Richie’s Japanese paternal grandfather is a chef and taught him how to cut fish, make dashi and miso soup. On his mom’s side, his English grandfather is a gardener. With his mom, he taught Richie how to grow food in the back of the house and use herbs for cooking. Before setting up his own shop, Richie worked in a few favorite San Francisco restaurants such as Nopa and Sushi Ran. Now he is making his own artisanal and sustainable food! At the Hapa Ramen stand you can also find Almondac Mustard, French-style pickled baby shallots and carrots, Kimchi, preserved Meyer Lemons, and other preserves. Come on through and say hi to Richie, Susanna, Kevin, Svet and the Hapa crew!

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