Hapa Meats Hit the Street

Hapa Ramen Charcuterie


1. Cold cooked meats collectively.

2. A store selling such meats.
Go hog wild for Hapa Ramen’s famous Charcuterie Kits! For $30 you can get an array of specially-made meats such as pancettass, pâtés, lardo, and panchettas prepared by Richie Nakano himself from whole Riverdog Farm pigs in Capay Valley. Read more about the kits on SF Weekly and Grubstreet!

You can still by cured meats individually, at $1 per ounce. Slices of the terrines and patés sell for $3-4. They are vacuum-sealed and keep a while in the fridge. And if you want an easy dinner, $8 fresh ramen kits are always available from Hapa Ramen at MCM.

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