Hapa Ramen

Hapa Ramen – New Mission Community Market Vendor

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Welcome Hapa Ramen! Not only supplying the Mission with easy and awesome take-home ramen kits, but also growing and butchering their own organic Riverdog Farms pigs — they bring’em in whole and butcher the pigs themselves. Hapa Ramen uses some of the meat for chashu in the ramen, and then plays around with some of the other parts to create tasty pork treasures and bring you stuff like:

  • Hickory and Almond Wood Smoked Bacon
  • Guanciale (Cured Pork Jowl)
  • Pancetta Lardons
  • Pickled Pig’s Feet Terrine
  • Macaroni and (head)cheese
  • Country Style Pate
  • Bacon Infused Liver Pate
And they ‘re always creating tasty foods to pair with the pork or ramen. Or just because it tastes good. So this week there’s:
  • Moroccan Spiced Preserved Meyer Lemons
  • Konbu Tsukudani (Soy, Sake, and Ginger Simmered Sea Kelp)
  • Knoll Farms Fig and Apricot Preserves
  • Almanac Beer Mustard
  • Lard

Hapa Ramen comes to MCM this week!

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Every street needs its food and every home its noodle. Now you can have both! Hapa Ramen joins the Mission Community Market this Thursday! Make traditional ramen into a modern masterpiece in your own home, with take-home kits of organic meats, local vegetables, one-of-a-kind noodles and Hapa’s unparalleled craft. Come welcome Richie, Susanna, Kevin, Sky, and Svet the Mission Community Market! This Thursday 4-8, and onward!