Although Hale farms has been in Dave’s family for 120 years, farming has not necessarily become easier with each generation. Being an independent farmer means that along with a team of dedicated workers Dave Hale is responsible for cultivation, management and maintenance on the farm. Dave is also one of the few remaining farmers in Sebastopol, California that continues to honor the tradition of apple farming in the area. Although it would be much more financially beneficial for Dave to grow grapes he is passionately committed to apple farming.


Farm Philosophy

Dave favors apple variety, flavor, and freshness over fruit that keep its good looks while degrading on the shelf. The Hale's twenty acres are farmed traditionally with minimal pesticides. Each apple tree is cared for individually and mostly by hand to ensure the highest quality fruit. Dave is personally involved with the entire growing and harvesting process to maintain his high production standards. Hale's Farm delivers fresh fruit to the farmer's market with pride and confidence that their apples are more delicious than any apple for sale at the grocery store.