August Crops

Gravenstein Apple
Premier pie apple; tart, crisp good for fresh eating, makes great sauce, exceptional for fried apples.
Pink Pearl Apple
Crisp, Tart, pink flesh (looks like a watermelon) customer favorite.
Belle de Boskoop Apple
Off the Charts tart apple. Tartest apple on the farm.
Ashmead's Kernal Apple
Dry, tart-sweet, English Russet, complex flavor.
Bartlett Pear
Harvested when firm and green. Matures off the tree to a golden yellow color short season, great for canning or eating fresh.
Akane Apple
(Pronounced ahh-kah-nee) means tasty in Japanese.
Damson Plum
Available late August.

September Crops

Honeycrisp Apple
Soon to replace Fuji as "America"s apple". crisp sweet apple.
King of Tompkin Apple
Crisp, tart-sweet apple. Tends to concentrate sugar pockets in the apple. Dave and customers' favorite apple.
Cortland Apple
Crisp red apple. Fairly new to the farm currently, in third year. Tart-sweet.
Jonagold Apple
High sugar, crisp apple. Your hands get sticky when you eat this one.
Mutsu Apple
Well balanced eating apple.
Winter Banana Apple
Yellow apple with a pink blush. Originally planted to pollinize other varieties. Good for pie.
Quince Pear
Mid September to October.

October Crops

Jonathan Apple
The original school boy apple. Not overly crisp but packs tremendous flavor.
Golden Delicious Apple
Sweet yellow apple. Commercial marketing has ruined the integrity of this apple. Harvested fresh they are great eating apples.
Baldwin Apple
Great all purpose apple. Performs similar to Gravenstein. Customer favorite. This one is unpredictable for availability - some year's they do not set a crop.
Sierra Beauty Apple
Another incredibly tart apple.
Starking Delicious Apple
The original striped red delicious from Stark Nurseries planted in the1940's. Mild, low acid great dessert apple for those who don't like tart.
Stayman Winesap Apple
Striped, somewhat tannic flavored tart, sweet apple. Customer favorite.
Sleeping Beauty Apple
An early maturing Rome Beauty apple. Crisp, slightly sweet all purpose apple.
York Apple
Crisp, slightly dry with complex flavor.
Spitzenberg Apple
Thomas Jefferson's favorite apple. Tart with complex flavor. Customer's favorite.
Newton Pippin Apple
Benjamin Franklin's favorite apple. Tart, well balanced. Good for pies, etc.
Arkansas Black Apple
Tannic good keeping all purpose apple. Flavor improves off the tree.

November Crops

Romes Apple
Crisp red all purpose apple. slightly on the sweeter side.
Black Twig Apple
Crisp tart sweet, tannic all pupose apple. Customer favorite.
Fujii Apple
High sugar dessert apple. Ours are incredibly sweet.
Granny Smith
A tart sweet apple on the sweeter side when allowed to ripen on the tree.
Pink Lady Apple
A tart, pink skinned apple. These keep really well.
Anjou, Red Anjou, and Bosc Pears.
Available October - November in limited amounts.

Also Available

Pumpkin/Edible Squash Varieties
available October to November - Cinderella, Po-ke-mon, Solid Gold, Sweet Meat, Sugar Pie, Jarrahdale, Full Moon, Kabocha, Atlantic Giant, Red Kuri, Blue Hubbard, Swan Gourd, Snake Gourd, Gremlins, Butternut. Available on farm only.
Tomato varieties
Available September until first frost/or rain in October - Cherokee Purple, Beefsteak, Japanese Triefele, San Marzano.
Apple Juice
We also have fresh - frozen apple cider made for us by "APPLE-A-DAY" from our apples.