Thank you for Bartlett Street Visioning

Thanks to your comments, MCM has put a lot of the neighborhood’s wishes for Bartlett Street into one place. Over three weeks in December 2010, we asked you to complete this sentence, “My vision for Bartlett Street is…”

Here are photos from those three weeks and your responses, in no particular order. We will take your input and use it to build a community process that can help transform this street into a celebrated public space for the neighborhood. Thanks everyone and happy holidays!

  • Live music
  • more trees
  • tiled walkways
  • wider sidewalks
  • a park
  • artisan/flea market
  • block party
  • sculptures, painting
  • Involve City College, outdoor classes
  • more murals, collaborate with precita eyes
  • street gallery
  • Market twice a week
  • expanding market into mission and valencia
  • do something with 826 Valencia
  • Market can be overwhelming in size, make smaller
  • kids area
  • more produce vendors, hot food, craft market
  • outdoor seating, benches
  • more green space, replace concrete with green
  • speed bumps, no cars, no poop!
  • more advertising and sign for market around the mission
  • Dance space, maybe some chalk art
  • Small ampitheater, or stage for comunity events
  • puppet shows, more programming
  • some sort of bartering area where people could trade goods
  • open mic
  • bright lights, more colorful
  • remove graffitti
  • More international market, in the spirit of SF
  • benches and tables
  • More dynamic booth areas, maybe make them more permanent on the street
  • build a stage. could be an endcap for the street
  • skateboard area
  • Keep sidewalks and street clean
  • Food demos, hot food
  • kids activities
  • Multi-cultural experience
  • get urban forest involved
  • get Rebar and Spur involved
  • playground, or performance space
  • mobile gallery.
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