Meet Cynthia of Dandelion Chocolate!

Our Vendor of the Week Cynthia has one of the sweetest jobs around. She works at Dandelion Chocolate, and you can find her at MCM just about every week. Because of her love for chocolate, Cynthia wants to become a expert. She’s taken Bean to Bar classes in Oakland and loves sharing her knowledge with the public. Cynthia was willing to work for chocolate (who wouldn’t be?) but after volunteering with Dandelion for one day,¬† they offered her a job selling their artisan chocolate! Come talk to Cynthia and she can tell you all about the chocolate classes taught by Dandelion Chocolate, their unique processes, and, most importantly, she’ll give you some samples of their wonderful product! Also, here is a recipe she gave to us, sharing her favorite way to eat cocoa¬†nibs.



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