Monday Feature: Marla Bakery

Meet Amy and Joe of Marla Bakery!!

Amy and Joe

Amy and Joe, co-owners of Marla Bakery, are an absolute delight and the goodies that come out of their kitchen are equally delightful. When telling me about how the Marla Bakery came to be, Joe explained that he fell in love with Amy’s baked goods first and then Amy. I must say both the baked goods and Joe and Amy are easy to fall in love with — I hope you try their delicious treats and meet them when you stop by the market!

Amy comes from a long line of women who love food, and baking in particular. In fact, the name Marla is a acronym for the women who taught and inspired her to bake. M, is for her grandma, A is for her other grandma, R is for both her great grandma and her step-mother, L is for her other great grandma, and mother, A is for Amy, and…the J (for Joe) is silent! Therefore, there really is no one Marla in particular, but the name Marla is a tribute to a style of baking and cooking passed down through generations.

Amy and Joe hatched plans for Marla Bakery after meeting at nopa. At the time Amy was the pastry chef and Joe was working the brunch line. Joe, who most recently was the “Master Briner” (doesn’t that just have such a nice ring to it?!) at Wise Sons Delicatessen, would often sneak almond espresso macarons when Amy wasn’t looking. He recommended them so highly that I too decided to try the gluten-free cookie, and it was heavenly! The recipes from Marla bakery are inspired by Amy’s family recipes, her time working in a bakery in Turkey, and her time working in a bakery in Italy.

Come on down to MCM this week, meet the delightful Amy and Joe, and try some of their delicious treats. They’ll have Marla Bakery originals like Marla Buns, pot de creme, beer cheese with whey crackers, and of course, almond espresso macarons! They also haveĀ Valentine’s Day specials which you can pick up at the market this Thursday!

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