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Local Biz: Happy Anniversary to En Vie Naturals!

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En Vie Naturals
Happy Anniversary to Kim Leonard and En Vie Naturals! Kim created En Vie Naturals as an inspired skincare line for multi-ethnic skintypes on year ago. Her first sale was at the Mission Community Market! From bath salts to facial scrubs, and massage oils to make-up removers, En Vie Naturals provides the essential ingredients that promote healthy skin. The En Vie line targets skin impurities, promotes skin repair, creates a radiant and smooth skin texture without using animal products, animal testing, parabens, or toxins.

Wish Kim a happy anniversary this week! Come for your anniversary special: Buy $20 or more and get $5 off!

En Vie Naturals Pumpkin Body Butter

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En Vie Naturals is about to release a brand spanking new product line: Butter Me Up Body Butter. We got to try it in Pumpkin (just in time for Fall) and oh, is it good.

This creamy, smooth and divine-smelling body moisturizer gets most of its oomph from–believe it or not–baking soda. It was surprising to learn that the same white powder that makes muffins rise and keeps our fridges smelling fresh can also soothe skin, but apparently baking soda has long been known as a gentle, calming agent for cleansing and soothing skin (among many other things!).

This whipped body butter comes with a swirl of freshly ground cinnamon, scenting the skin with a warm fragrance that lingers throughout the day, thanks to the cinnamon’s natural oils. Though not heavy, skin stays soft for hours after application.

Make sure to visit Kim at the En Vie Naturals booth at the Mission Community Market to get your Butter Me Up in Pumpkin!

Put pep-n-your-step, organically

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Kim Leonard is the creator of “En vie naturals” a line of natural organic skincare products for women and men of ethnic skin types. Her products are made with all natural oats, nuts, and botanical extracts. At the market, Kim opens a jar of “Pep-n-your step” foot soak for me to smell. I stick my nose into a bouquet of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and menthol fragrances. Instant aromatherapy! Kim beams a happy healthy smile, and explains that “This foot soak is good for hardworking men and women, who are on their feet all day. 10 minutes in warm water will allow the natural agents to act and soften and relax the feet”. Kim is a vegetarian, and prides herself on not using any animal products, parabens, or toxins in her line. She is also a Mission local from all her life. Three years ago Kim began making skincare products for friends and family as a pastime. She was a coffee shop manager back then, but like many folk, she lost her job in the past few years. Not one to mope around, she quickly enrolled in the Women’s Initiative Program to gain the skills to make her boutique dream come true. She graduated in 2009, and her business is up and running. “Everything that you see here, I make with my own two hands!” She waves jazz hands in the air, and gives me another stellar Kim smile. She invites you to pass by her stall and check out her facial cleansers and scrubs as well!

by Adriana Camarena