What’s That?!: Dried Jujubes

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This week at the Market everyone should try an organic dried jujube! Used for centuries for their medicinal qualities, these sweet little fruits make a delicious snack. They taste a bit like what you’d get if you crossed a date and a marshmallow–soft and spongey with a mellow sweetness. They can be used to make tea, to sweeten desserts, or they can be enjoyed on their own (eat them like you would a date). Twin Girls Farm┬áhas had them for a couple months now and they will be selling them this Thursday at MCM! Grab a bag and tell us about what you used them for in the comments section of this post or on our Facebook page!

eet smakelijk!


“What’s That?!”: Peter’s Kettle Corn

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Peter's Kettle Corn

Last week at the first MCM of 2013, I heard lots of chatter about Peter’s Kettle Corn. Market goers find their kettle corn snack to be an essential part of the market experience, so here’s a little more kettle corn (history) for your enjoyment!

The history of kettle corn, as it turns out, is a series of folklore stories, so I will share with you my favorite (with a few embellishments).

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