Mercado Kitchen: Palmero Date Smoothie


Have a sweet tooth but want to fulfill the craving with something healthy, kosher, and organic? Stop by the Palmero Date Shop stall this Thursday to pick up some tasty and succulent dates! Ronald will guide you through his wide variety of dates for any sweet or savory craving. His Jumbo Medjool dates are the best for snacking, as they embody the true unique flavor of perfectly ripe Medjool dates from Bard Valley California. Also highly recommended are his unique, dainty, and incredibly sweet Khadrawy dates that melt in the mouth — a delectable treat! This week Palmero Date Shop will be introducing new Varietal Date Paste balls that are great for making Vegan Date Shakes, as featured in the recipe below.

Palmero Date Shop is no ordinary date vendor. They provide traceability for all of their five varieties of dates produced on a small farm in Bard, California; 100% Organic, Kosher. They follow strict food safety procedures to ensure that their smooth pillows of natural sugar are dispersed responsibly and ethically to a wide range of communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Not only do Palmero Dates track and document every batch of their mouthwatering dates, they work hard to educate the public about the unique date growing region in Bard, California.  One of their goals is to create a larger demand for varietal dates so growers will be encouraged to plant new date palm cultivars and ultimately expand the selection of dates for farmers market consumers in the future.


For this weeks recipe, Ronald recommends their new Varietal Date Paste pack for a healthy, sweet, protein-packed Palmero Date Shake. To add to this tasty smoothie, stop by the Winters Fruit Tree stall to pick up some Raw Nonpareil Almonds! Check out the full recipe after the jump!

Palmero Vegan Date Shake


1/2 lb. Raw Nonpareil Almonds
2 Cups water
6 Varietal Date Paste balls
Dash of cinnamon
1/4 tsp. of Xanath vanilla
1-2 Frozen bananas


Add 1/2 lb. Raw Nonpareil Almonds and 2 cups water into Vitamix and blend until well-mixed. Strain thoroughly with cheese cloth and add fresh, home-made almond milk back into blender. Tip: The best almond milk comes from soaking the almonds in the 2 cups of water for a few hours beforehand.
Once the almond milk is complete, add the remaining ingredients as the Vitamix is slowly blending. The Palmero’s Varietal Date Paste balls have been uniformly rolled to fit perfectly in the top of the blender!

Interesting variations:

  • Add a dash of mint for a refreshing mid-day treat
  • Simply a sprinkle or two of cardamom to make a unique variant of the mango lassi
  • Use 100% organic coconut water instead of almond milk (Recommended by Ronald!)

Start shaking!

Ps. Stop by the stall and ask Ronald about his unique Palmero Date Shop sign (designed by Matthew Powell: Time Is Too Short Art Collective) and it’s significance to region where the dates are grown!

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