MCM Accepts WIC and EBT!

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Did you know MCM accepts WIC, Senior Farmers Market checks and EBT cards? Spend them on fresh produce, delicious street food or any number of locally-produced goods every Thursday! For WIC / Senior Farmers Market checks, go straight your favorite WIC-accepting farmer. If your fave doesn’t take WIC, talk to us at the info table! For EBT, come to the info table on 22nd Street for your tokens. Email or just ask us as the market how it’s done. See you Thursday in the street!

Mission Community Market’s photostream

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Mission Community Market July 21, 2011!

Live Local
JimBo Trout
Santos Perdidos
Caballo Durado
Sensational Salts
and More!

Lilo – Launching at MCM Thursday!

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And a huge welcome to the Mission’s new loyalty card – Live Local Mission!

Live Local is a neighborhood loyalty program for the Mission.  Buy the card for $20 at local businesses and flash it at all participating businesses, all year long.  Instead of a big discount good only one time, get little discounts all the time. Think of it as a replacement for all those buy-10-get-1-free cards.

For folks who spend a lot of time in the Mission, the card will quickly recoup its value, and local businesses can use it to reward loyal neighbors and patrons.

At MCM Thursday: Test your knowledge of Mission trivia or participate in the silent auction to win $100+ in gift certificates from local Mission businesses. Follow LiLo on twitter (@LiLoMission) for more updates about the event.

Hapa Ramen – New Mission Community Market Vendor

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Welcome Hapa Ramen! Not only supplying the Mission with easy and awesome take-home ramen kits, but also growing and butchering their own organic Riverdog Farms pigs — they bring’em in whole and butcher the pigs themselves. Hapa Ramen uses some of the meat for chashu in the ramen, and then plays around with some of the other parts to create tasty pork treasures and bring you stuff like:

  • Hickory and Almond Wood Smoked Bacon
  • Guanciale (Cured Pork Jowl)
  • Pancetta Lardons
  • Pickled Pig’s Feet Terrine
  • Macaroni and (head)cheese
  • Country Style Pate
  • Bacon Infused Liver Pate
And they ‘re always creating tasty foods to pair with the pork or ramen. Or just because it tastes good. So this week there’s:
  • Moroccan Spiced Preserved Meyer Lemons
  • Konbu Tsukudani (Soy, Sake, and Ginger Simmered Sea Kelp)
  • Knoll Farms Fig and Apricot Preserves
  • Almanac Beer Mustard
  • Lard

Amazing Local Music Tomorrow!

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We’re so lucky to have the bay area’s best musicians right in our neighborhood! Come this Thursday (tomorrow!!) to hear Jimbo Trout (4pm) and Santos Perdidos (6pm).

Jimbo TroutHillbilly bebop boogie from around the way. JimBo has lead JimBo Trout and the Fishpeople since 1992 with his hard, fast picking on the guitar and banjo, raw vocals and mic-ready wit.  Find the Mission’s own Jimbo Trout kicking off our market this week! 4pm.

Santos Perdidos is an acoustic latin band based in the heart of the Mission, playing an eclectic mix of Son Cubano, Rumba Española, Bolero, and Afro-Peruvian Lando. Check them out at Yoshi’s tonight or the market tomorrow! 6pm.