Mission Community Market 8/4 – Honeydrops and Hirano!

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Hey all!

Thanks for stopping by at the Market yesterday to see The California Honeydrops and Toshio Hirano! It was a good way to make the most of a cloudy day!

Come check out more pictures of new vendors and great food on Facebook!

Until next week!

MCM Preserves Tradition (part 1) – Emmy’s Pickles and Jams

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The Mission Community Market grew this season in an ancient culinary art: preserving food through pickling, brining, curing, and smoking. MCM is proud to offer Emmy’s Pickles and Jams, the Zografos’ Olive Healthy, Richie Nakano’s Hapa Ramen, and Charlie’s Coastside Farm’s Salmon and Lox!

Picklers and curers have traditionally helped humankind through the cold, with fruit, vegetable and meat preserves –often improved in vitamin B by the preservation process. And, while we may associate food preservation with the Winter months, the preserver’s craft truly begins, right now, in the peak harvest season of Summer through Fall! At the market, you’ll find many of the same fresh fruits and vegetables that end up in the preserves, jars and pies for sale a couple of tents down. Come around to meet some of our artisan preservers!

Emmy learned her craft at home. Pickling was a family activity when she was a kid: sterilizing jars, creating the perfect brine, chopping and cooking and canning; everyone had a part. Emmy had been a food activist for several years, when her friends began to rave about her pickles. Emmy started wondering: Could she create a small business out of a craft she simply loved to share? With the help of enthusiasts buying her pickling art, she’s thrown down a root in the Mission Community Market. Emmy gets her inspirations from a variety of worldly cuisines, bringing us jars of Mexican jalapeños with carrots and onions, Boston bread and butter pickled cucumbers, and Indian turmeric Cauliflower. She also makes harvest fruit jams. The produce she picks is organic and local, sometimes from the same farmers at the market. Last year, she made jam with Twin Girls Farm plums. As soon as she began selling, all the plum jars were harvested right off her stand by eager market visitors. (She’s going to make a larger batch this year.) She also makes jams with Tay berries from Yerena Farms, and apricots from Arata Farm. You can visit all three farm stands here in the MCM! We also can’t rave enough about Emmy’s jalapeño jelly, which goes great with anything in need of a savory-sweet kick. Emmy’s been doing so well since beginning at MCM, her There’s another thing I should mention about Emmy… She has sunshine in her smile. So stop by her stand for her story and preserves.

Next in MCM Preserves Tradition: Olive Healthy’s California Olive Oil

August 4th- Toshio Hirano

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photo by Paul Trapini

Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Toshio Hirano fell in love with American Folk/Country music at an early age. Influenced by Country music legend Jimmie Rodgers, a young Toshio set out to the States to explore the origins of American Country music. After polishing his skills at Texas open mic’s, Toshio moved to San Francisco where he continued to create a buzz with his guitar licks and old time country yodeling. Toshio remains appreciative of the audience he has acquired over the years and even more thankful to be able to pursue his passion to this very day. Toshio will be preforming at the Market this Thursday, at 7 p.m., be sure to come on down and prepare to be mesmerized by a real life cowboy!

MissionCommunityMarket’s photostream

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Mission Community Market is back this week with new vendors like Organic Keiki and Aurelia Styles! Hope you got to ‘swing’ by for a free dance lesson provided by Cat’s Corner and pick up some good BBQ from Good Foods Catering!

Aloha from MCM: Organic Keiki

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And a warm welcome to Organic Keiki, a local business with organic baby clothing and organic products run by Hawaiian MCM lover Regan Ranoa. Come check out Organic Keiki gear and take their survey for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. O.K. is full of natural, organic baby clothes, eco friendly baby toys, organic bedding & accessories, and natural clothing for mamas too. Organic Keiki blends healthy, family living with the spirit of Aloha.