Mission Community Market 7/14/11

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Hapa Ramen comes to MCM this week!

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Every street needs its food and every home its noodle. Now you can have both! Hapa Ramen joins the Mission Community Market this Thursday! Make traditional ramen into a modern masterpiece in your own home, with take-home kits of organic meats, local vegetables, one-of-a-kind noodles and Hapa’s unparalleled craft. Come welcome Richie, Susanna, Kevin, Sky, and Svet the Mission Community Market! This Thursday 4-8, and onward!

Fig Recipe Ideas!

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Figs are delicious eaten ripe by themselves or drizzled with a tiny bit of honey to emphasize their sweetness. The classic pairing of figs with prosciutto is one of our favorites, the salty richness of the ham being the perfect counterpoint to the sweet and floral fruit, however, figs are also very versatile. Pick up some beautiful figs from Arata Fruit Farm this week and try grilling them (halved) skewered with cubes of lamb leg. When done, drizzle with some reduced balsamic, olive oil, and chopped mint.

Try tossing some just cooked pasta into a pan with garlic and chiles cooked with bacon and then top with quarters of fresh fig (either raw or broiled briefly with olive oil) chopped parsley, and grated parmigiano. Or you could update the classic dish of figs and prosciutto to make an elegant hors d’ oeuvre or first course. Take a few slices of prosciutto and spread them out on a baking sheet and bake at 350ยบ until crisp, only a few minutes. Slice figs into flats about a quarter inch thick and top with small spoonful of goat cheese (or your favorite blue cheese, you could also add a drizzle of honey here if you’d like), and crack the prosciutto on top. Top with with a few pieces of arugula (or watercress) and drizzle with olive oil and cracked pepper, et voila!

Tomatero Farm in the News!

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Great SF Chronicle article on Adriana Silva of Tomatero Farm

Watsonville — – It’s 6 a.m. sharp on a Wednesday, and the tight-knit crew at Tomatero Farm is already at work on a fog-shrouded parcel of land on the Central Coast. Some young, some old, all energetically chatting with one another in their own dialect of Spanglish, their faces peeking out from under wide-brimmed sun hats and layers of hooded sweatshirts…

Roasted Summer Squash with Brown Butter Vinaigrette

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Grab some charming summer squash from Tomatero Farm or Happy Boy Farms and give this recipe a try. Cut the squash into 1 inch chunks and toss with olive oil and salt. Arrange on a sheet tray or baking sheet and place in a pre-heated broiler and cook until charred in places. When done, remove the squash from the oven and heat a pan on high heat. Add a few tablespoons of butter let cook and foam over until browned, but not burned, then add either lemon juice, sherry vinegar, or balsamic vinegar and turn off the heat. You could also add some finely chopped shallot at this point. When the sauce is done, drizzle over squash and taste for seasoning, adding more salt if necessary. Add some chopped herbs like parsley or mint and you’re done! If you feel like really impressing, garnish with squash blossoms from Yerena Farms either stuffed with ricotta cheese and lemon zest, or just plain!