Local Biz Spotlight: Aurelia Style

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Aurelia Style flowers are handcrafted from unique, recycled, new, and found materials, vintage jewelry, pieces of nature, and trinkets from Aurelia’s collection. Each flower is completely one of a kind and made locally.

From Aurelia: I started making flowers to doll up my look for parties and festivals and to outwardly express aspects of my internal nature. Colorful, feminine, resourceful – also to make use of all the random items and fabric that I accumulate and collect. Soon after wearing my first creations, I began to sell flowers to friends and people I met at events. Now I can’t stop crafting and creating new goodies for everyone to wear!

Come check out Aurelia’s amazing collection of one-of-a-kind flowers for styling it up at night, everyday, with your kids or the SF Giants!

Local Biz Spotlight: Hapa Menu

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This week Hapa Ramen‘s featuring 3 different pates made from organic Riverdog hogs:

  • Cocoa Nib, Fennel Seed, and Chile Studded Pate
  • Mostly Liver Pate
  • A Spiced Pork and Liver Pate
And to accompany those try their Almanac Beer Mustard, Stonefruit Chutneys, and Brassica Kimchi Relish.
Don’t miss Hapa’s famous Moroccan-style Preserved Meyer Lemons! Only a few left!! Same with Kombu Tsukudani. Don’t forget their local, house-cured Pancetta, Lardo, and Guanciale!

Caminante, Si hay calle!

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Caminantes, no hay camino, se hace calle al cantar. (Traveller, there’s no path, but the street/path is made by singing). The Calle Bartlett that is! And who better to sing together our street than the Mission’s one and only Francisco Herrera. Please welcome him to the market this week! Some may know Francisco from his musical magic at Parque Niños Unidos. Now we have the gift of Francisco at MCM! Bring the fam and join him for a set this Thursday – 4:15-4:45.

Free Swing Lessons this Week!

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Free Swing Dance lesson this week with Cat’s Corner from around the corner on Mission and 25th. Every fourth thursday of the month join Nathan and co. at 5:30 pm!

Impress with Breakfast! Sourdough French Toast with Summer Berry Compote

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Photo Courtesy of Matthew S. Cain

Try out this sweet summer recipe next time you’re looking to impress with breakfast! Start by slicing a loaf of sourdough from Arizmendi Bakery into 1″ to 1.5″ slices and placing them either on a sheet tray or a baking dish (something with sides). Next, beat together 3 eggs, about a 1/2 cup milk, a tablespoon or two of sugar (depending on how sweet you like your toast), a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, and a dash of cinnamon (or cardamom, or clove, or nutmeg, or whatever you especially enjoy/have on hand) and pour it over the sliced bread and let sit for a few minutes. While waiting for the bread to soak up the custard, make your compote.

For the compote, add a tablespoon of butter to a pan preheated over medium heat and then add most of your berries (let’s say 2/3 of your carton of raspberries, blackberries, tayberries, blueberries, strawberries, any berry you can find from Yerena Farms, Tomatero Farm, or Blue House Farms) and cook for about a minute before adding either a dash of maple syrup or sugar (if you wanted to, you could also add some lemon zest, orange zest, or baking spice). Then turn down the heat to low and let cook while you take care of the toast. Of course, if you wanted to skip this step all together you can pick a delicious jar of Emmy’s berry jam and proceed to the final step.

To finish up, Add some more butter to another pan preheated over medium high heat. Put in as many slices of the soaked bread as will fit (you might have to do this in batches depending on how much toast you’re planning on serving) and cook till brown. Then flip and do the same for the other side (you can throw these finished pieces into your oven set at 250º until they’re all done). When all the pieces are almost done, add the last 1/3 of your berries to the compote and toss to coat. Plate a couple pieces of toast with some of the compote on top. You can finish with powdered sugar, maple syrup, freshly whipped cream, whipped creme fraiche, yogurt, or nothing at all. Et Voila! Mimosa Time!