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Spotlight on Crystal Eyes

By now, many of you know that Mission Community Market is no ordinary farmers market. Besides fostering community, promoting family health, and engaging local youth, our market helps local businesses thrive. MCM diversifies our vendors, reducing competition and providing Read more

Mercado Kitchen: California Marinated Artichokes

Spring weather is here which means it's time to drag out that barbecue, wipe it off, and heat it up! At MCM you can now find Blue House Farm, Tomatero Farm, and Zuckerman's Farm offering an array of seasonal, local veggies Read more

Spotlight on Papi Chulo Salsa

Love in every bite There is never a dull moment at Mission Community Market and thanks to Roberto Biggs at the Papi Chulo Salsa stall, the vibrancy radiates from 4-8pm each week without fail. Inspired by the salsa at a Read more

Mercado Kitchen: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Feast

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How crazy are these Lion’s Mane mushrooms?  Ever since I spotted them last week at Far West Fungi, I’ve been curious about them. I grew more intrigued as I learned that when cooked, they have a texture similar to crab meat (!), and that many people eat them to help regenerate their nerve endings.  With all of this wild trivia swirling through my head,  I was excited to try a recipe that used only a couple of ingredients, and that would allow the unique flavor of these mushrooms to come through… you’ll just need some butter, carrots, onions, parsley, and of course, Lion’s Mane mushrooms! Read more

Justin Ancheta & the 23rd Street Kickers

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Music at MCM

Join us this Thursday as we welcome two great musical acts to Bartlett Street. At 4pm we’ll hear great tunes from Justin Ancheta, and at 6pm the 23rd Street Kickers jazz collective will take to the stage.

Justin Ancheta is a guitarist, vocalist, and composer who hails from San Francisco. Ancheta has toured in both Europe and the United States by bike and by train. His lyrics share the human power of community–who better to perform at MCM?! Ancheta’s eclectic style of reggae flavored funk and jazz is infectious. His newest CD, ‘Plant’ is set to be released in April 2013.

The 23rd Street Kickers are a jazz collective made up of several talented Bay Area locals who love to entertain and improvise. The last time they played at MCM their infectious, cool, jazzy tunes it made for a great night! Come out this Thursday as they do it again, 6-8pm.

Meet our new interns!

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Here at Mission Community Market, we’re excited to introduce you to the two newest members of our team! Mark Uhlig and Lauren Greis have joined on for the next few months as Market Assistants. Don’t be fooled by the photo below of these two goofing off at the end of a great market; they’re very serious about making MCM the best it can be!

Mark and Lauren

Lauren Greis is excited to join the MCM team as our new Market Assistant, specializing in market operations, blogging, creating recipes, and so much more!  Lauren came to the Bay Area four years ago via Chicago, Boston, DC, and Southeast India.  She has worked in the non-profit world on international development, women’s rights, sustainability, and food justice issues. She enjoys hiking, biking, traveling to beautiful places, going to estate sales, and building community through gardening, cooking, and eating with others.  Also, she likes smush-faced dogs, so she’d be more than happy to dog-sit yours while you shop at MCM!

Mark Uhlig is MCM’s Market Assistant, focusing on market operations and marketing! Born and raised in the Bay Area, he moved into San Francisco a few years ago where he currently attends San Francisco State University. He started interning with MCM in January and he’s having a great time meeting new people, enjoying delicious foods, and supporting an organization within the Mission community. He hopes to see you around the market!

Monday Feature: Welcome Far West Fungi!

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Far West Fungi

For over fifty years and across four generations, Far West Fungi has been selling at Bay Area Farmers’ Markets, and we are thrilled to welcome them to MCM!  A family-run business, John and Toby Garrone operate a 60,000 square food growing facility in the heart of Monterey Bay, just 95 miles south of San Francisco. The business is supported by John and Toby’s four sons and their families, many of whom you might see selling at MCM each week. With the help of a steady ocean breeze and the location’s northern coastal fog, Far West Fungi uses a balance of modern and traditional growing techniques to produce a diverse array of fresh, organic mushrooms.

Visit them at MCM to buy several varieties of mushrooms, mushroom-growing kits, and other fun products! You can also learn more about some of  the many different types of mushrooms that exist at their Fungipedia page! Come visit them at MCM each Thursday 4-8pm and pick up some king trumpets, shitakes, or whatever kind of mushroom your heart desires.

Mastutake Mushrooms!


Ben Brown & Cello Joe at MCM

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Join us this Thursday 2/28 as we say goodbye to February and hello to two of our favorite local musicians: Benjamin Brown and CelloJoe. These two guys are no strangers to Bartlett Street, and their talents never fail to amaze.

Ben Brown


cello joe

First up at 4pm will be Benjamin Brown, a self-taught blues singer and songwriter living in Oakland, CA. At age 25, he is a self-taught blues guitarist who plays with as much soul as any contemporary blues artist.

At 6pm, we’ll enjoy music from the talented CelloJoe. Utilizing only his voice, a cello and a loop pedal, he is able to take listeners on a sonic musical journey. CelloJoe is able to record live on the spot with a looper and produce intricate tapestries of harmony, melody, and rhythm, and mimics everything from dubstep to folk to rock to classical to hip hop by beatboxing, throatsinging, singing, plucking and bowing the cello.

Come on down to MCM this Thursday for a grand ol’ time! MCM is every Thursday at 22nd/Bartlett, 4-8pm.