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Spotlight on Jerk 'N Pickle

We've got so many great new vendors at the market this season! One of our newest vendors at the market is Jerk 'N Pickle, offering an array of pickles and beef jerky, from spicy to sweet to savory! Currently this Read more

Mercado Kitchen: Linguine with Zucchini and Mint

As spring begins to move into summer, more and more vegetables and fruits are popping up at Mission Community Market each Thursday. This past week Tomatero Farm introduced the season's first zucchini and yellow summer squash, while Blue House Read more

Spotlight on Crystal Eyes

By now, many of you know that Mission Community Market is no ordinary farmers market. Besides fostering community, promoting family health, and engaging local youth, our market helps local businesses thrive. MCM diversifies our vendors, reducing competition and providing Read more

Klick Back at MCM

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Welcome back Klick the case to MCM! Klick the Case is a San Francisco/Istanbul based sleeve company. They design fun, unique yet simple sleeves for laptops, tablets like iPad and netbooks. Check them out this Thursday!

MCM 10/6: Rain? What rain?

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We all can’t deny the fact the weather hasn’t really been playing fair lately, but it looks like yesterday we were able to catch a break (and a few photos as well!). We’d like to thank Bob Thayer and Joe Lewis as well as Bryant Denison from the Beehavers for coming out and rolling out some good tunes! There’s new food to be seen and it was the perfect day to showcase these offerings at their prime! Come check it all of on our new Facebook Album:

MCM 10/6: Not a drop in sight!

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This week we are treated to a preview of Bob Thayer with Joe Lewis, in the run up to their October 16 show at the Make-Out Room, put on by Seaweed Sway. Bob is influenced by lounge, Toshio Hirano, jazz and beatnik poetry. He plays in multiple bands, including Rad Cloud & Dresses, & continues to explore various collaborations with friends.

Also, this week, Bryant Denison!  Bryant is the instigator of a gypsy voodooo folk rock collective called the Beehavers. Listen to them here and hear Bryant live at MCM this week! Beehavers CD release party is 9PM Friday, October 10/21 at Amnesia.

Get to Know Your Jujubes

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Jujubes make a tasty natural snack all by themselves. They can be eaten in the early ripening stages when the fruit has a yellowish-green shade to it or dried where the fruit has a more rich, red color. Jujubes are high in Vitamin C and have been used in teas and medicines for centuries. The fruits have a mildly sweet flavor and a snappy crunch, making them fun and snacky, without all the corn starch and high fructo factor of conventional snacks. Now in season at MCM from Twin Girls Farm!

San Francisco Parks Alliance

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SF Parks Alliance

Many thanks to the Neighborhood Parks Council for providing non-profit sponsorship to MCM. For the last year they have provided us non-profit status, great guidance and the resources to start very quickly. We are also thankful to the SF Parks Trust for providing a grant to pay for music permits and musicians.

Now the SFNPC and SFPT have joined to form the amazing SF Parks Alliance. The mission of the SF Parks Alliance is to inspire and promote civic engagement and philanthropy to protect, sustain and enrich San Francisco parks and open green spaces. What a great fit as MCM engages the neighborhood in improving and enriching Bartlett Street with more murals, green design and public safety improvements. Keep in touch as our plans and outreach develop. And thank you SF Parks Alliance! We look forward to making the next year even better.